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Criminal Or Immigration Law. I Work For You.

Whether you face criminal charges or an immigration law dispute, you need a lawyer to help you resolve the situation. You hire that lawyer to listen to you and resolve your matter effectively and affordably. I deliver.

I never forget that I work for you. Iwill use my legal knowledge to guide you and litigate on your behalf. I will make sure you understand the benefits and the consequences of every option, but I will listen to you. I will give you control over the decisions that will affect your future.

Since 2006

About Me

I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami in 1995. After graduation I took a full time position as the manager of an insurance firm where I was instrumental in growing to the largest insurance firm in the country in federal crop insurance. I had always dreamed of being an attorney and decided to leave my position and attend Nova Southeastern University where I graduated early and admitted to the Florida Bar in April, 2006.

After interning at the Miami-Dade State Attorney, I decided that defending the community against some of the injustices that I witnessed were more in line with my ethical and moral standards.

For 13 years I have strived to bring justice to those without. Whether it be in the criminal, immigration, or bankruptcy courts I work tirelessly to bring my clients the best results possible. All the while maintaining the client well informed through the use of our online portal. It is the client’s 24/7 gateway to their file documents, calendars, and secure messaging. I believe that an open line of communication with the client gives a better chance of obtaining the results the client is hoping for and deserves.

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