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Primary Practice Areas

Criminal Law

Time is of the essence when you are charged with a crime or pulled over for a traffic violation. If you wait to talk to a lawyer, you put your freedom at greater risk. If you have to wait for a lawyer to meet with you, that attorney puts your freedom at greater risk.

When you connect with us, we take immediate action to protect your rights and freedom. We then will work to build the strongest possible defense to reduce the charges or get them dismissed. Learn More

Immigration Law

Asylums, Deportation, Labor Certifications, and Business Investment cases are some of the most difficult cases to navigate through the immigration system. We are here to make sure that everything necessary is done to maximize the chances of getting the results you desire. Immigration is a labor intensive process and can change on a daily basis. The current administration is making the process that much more difficult.


Contact us to evaluate your case. Learn More

Your Justice Is Our Priority

Don’t wait to solicit help in the problems you may be facing, we are here to advise and guide our clients through the hoops of the legal system. A system that is full of pitfalls where one false move can end it disaster.

Contact us today to find out your rights and have trusted attorney be on your side, fighting tooth and nail for you. 

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Meet the Attorney

Sergio Cruz

Sergio Cruz


I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami in 1995. After graduation I took a full time position as the manager of an insurance firm where I was instrumental in growing to the largest insurance firm in the country in federal crop insurance. I had always dreamed of being an attorney and decided to leave my position and attend Nova Southeastern University where I graduated early and admitted to the Florida Bar in April, 2006.

After interning at the Miami-Dade State Attorney, I decided that defending the community against some of the injustices that I witnessed were more in line with my ethical and moral standards.

For 13 years I have strived to bring justice to those without. Whether it be in the criminal, immigration, or bankruptcy courts I work tirelessly to bring my clients the best results possible. All the while maintaining the client well informed through the use of our online portal. It is the client’s 24/7 gateway to their file documents, calendars, and secure messaging. I believe that an open line of communication with the client gives a better chance of obtaining the results the client is hoping for and deserves.

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