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Convictions for theft crimes result in severe penalties and a permanent record that will follow you throughout your lifetime. Even if you serve your time, theft crimes carry the stigma of dishonesty. Employers may not want to hire you, you may be ineligible for professional licenses, schools may reject your application, lenders may refuse to lend you money and a conviction will affect your immigration status or eligibility for naturalization or citizenship.

Charged With Theft? You Do Not Have To Fight Alone

My primary goal is seeking to get your case dismissed. If that is not attainable, I will use my resources and skills to get the best possible resolution of your case. I assure you that you will be informed of all aspects of the defense throughout all the stages of the case.

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I can help you defend against criminal charges involving:

  • Shoplifting
  • Employee theft or embezzlement
  • Dealing in stolen property
  • Schemes to defraud
  • Identity theft
  • Writing bad checks
  • Stopping payment with intent to defraud
  • Robbery
  • Fraud or forgery

The Level Of Offense Depends On The Amount Of Money Involved

Florida statutes define theft crimes as knowingly obtaining or using the property of another with the intent to deprive that person temporarily or permanently of the property. Theft crimes can be charged as either misdemeanors or felonies depending on the value of the goods or services involved. Additionally, theft is an enhancement crime, meaning that it can be charged at a higher level if you have previous offenses on your record.

  • Petit theft: A misdemeanor offense involving goods or services valued at less than $300
  • Grand theft: A felony offense involving goods or services valued at more than $300. The government can prosecute grand theft under varying felony degrees. The higher the value, the higher the level of offense.

The Prosecution Must Prove That You Intentionally Stole

Whatever the charge may be, intent is one of the key issues the prosecutor must prove in theft crimes. In many situations, there is no intent to steal or defraud. Rather, many people accidentally take the property of another and then are accused of theft.

Appeals Are Expensive And Difficult To Win. Get The Best Defense Possible Now.

Hiring a cheap lawyer could turn into the most expensive and biggest mistake you ever make. Once you have been arrested on suspicion of a theft crime, it is in your best interest to contact an aggressive defense attorney like Sergio Cruz  to represent you.

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